AMO: Atlantic Multidecadal Osillation

ATCF: Automated Tropical Cyclone Forecasting system

BOC: Bay Of Campeche

CAPE: Convective Available Potential Energy

CATL: Central Atlantic

CDO: Central Dense Overcast

CFS: Coupled Forecast System & Climate Forecast System (Computer Model)

CIMSS: Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies

CONUS: CONtinental United States

DCVA: Differential Cyclonic Vorticity Advection

DOMREP: DOMinican REPublic

EATL: East Atlantic

ECMWF: European Center for Medium range Weather (Computer Model)

ENSO: El Nino/Southern Oscillation

EWRC: EyeWall Replacement Cycle

FROPA: FROntal PAssage

GFDL: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (Computer Model)

GFS: Global Forecast System (Computer Model)

GOH: Gulf of Honduras

GOM: Gulf Of MEXico

HWRF: Hurricane and Weather Research Forecasting (Computer Model)

ITCZ: InterTropical Convergence Zone

LLC: Low Level Circulation

MDR: Main Development Region

MJO: Madden Julian Oscillation

MM5: FSU Mesoscale Model (Computer Model)

MSLP: Mean Sea Level Pressure

NAM: North American Mesoscale Model (Computer Model)

NAO: North Atlantic Oscillation

NCATL: North Central Atlantic

NEWD: Northeastward

NHC: National Hurricane Center

NAVGEN: Navy Computer Model

NWD: Northward

OBX: Outer Banks (N.C.)

QBO: Quasi Biennial Oscillation

PDO: Pacific Decadal Oscillation

SAL: Saharan Air Layer

SOI: Southern Oscillation Index

SPC: Storm Prediction Center

SSD: Satellite Services Division

TCHP: Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential

TPW: Total Precipitable Water

TUTT: Tropical Upper Tropospheric Trof

UKMET: United Kingdom METeorological office (Computer Model)

ULL: Upper Level Low

UTC: Universal Time Coordinated (also known as Zulu time)

XTRP: Not a model. Short for Extrapolation. Dead reckoning plot of a storm if it kept in a straight line, with no other forces acting upon it.