Zip Lining
Mayflower Bocawina National Park

Mama Noots Eco Resort is located at the heart of Mayflower Bocawina National Park, and shares its property with Bocawina Adventures & Eco Tours. They boast having the Longest Zip Line in Belize, including 12 Zip Line platforms within the pristine jungle in the National Park.

Bocawina Adventures & Eco Tours offers several types of outdoor adventures, including Waterfall Rappelling, a fabulous hiking tour of the Park and the longest Zip Line course in Belize. The Zip Lining appearing to be the least physically demanding, so after being assured it would be safe for 70 year olds and pregnant 20 year olds, 4 generations of McMasters signed up to soar with the birds through the pristine sub-tropical canopy of the Mayflower Bocawina National Park.

We paid the very reasonable $75 fee and were then introduced to our very capable guides Julio and Hernan. Donning the safety harnesses was a simple matter of stepping in and letting the guides hook everything up. In a previous life, I certified weight handling and climbing equipment for the US Navy so I naturally gave the equipment a close inspection. Everything was in pristine condition with triple redundancy for added safety.

Once we were suited up, it was a short but steep walk up to the first platform. Since a couple of us are older and a little out of shape, the hike up took about 5 minutes. Then it was time for the first run. After looking over the tower, cables and fastenings, I volunteered to go first. This run was the shortest of the day and perhaps the most exhilarating for a first timer. What a rush!

This is the Longest Zip Line course in Belize and Central America at approximately 2.5 miles. 3 of the Zip Line courses are over 2000 feet with the longest being over 2,300 feet.

There are a few other Zip Line operations in Belize. One of the best is Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Outpost (Formerly Jaguar Paw). A new Zip Line course has been added to The Lodge at Big Falls near Punta Gorda in Southern Belize. Which ever is most convenient, plan on taking to the tree tops on your next visit to Belize.