Puerto Morelos
Quintana Roo, Mexico

Most of our friends and family that come to Belize fly into Cancun since it is a lot cheaper to fly there from most places in the USA than to Belize City. After the drive up from Consejo, Belize for us and long hours on planes and in airports for our guests, everyone is usually ready to spend a day or two relaxing on the beach before driving down to Belize. Only 15 miles south of Cancun Airport is the village of Puerto Morelos. With its beautiful white sand beach, good restaurants and nice hotels it is the perfect rest stop.

Puerto Morelos is a sleepy fishing village that is not at all touristy. The road into town leads directly to the zocolo or town square. Children’s games, gossip and music are daily events in this tree-shaded town park, and impromptu guitar music frequently fills the air. Brightly painted cement benches and lovers' chairs are spread throughout the square.

There are several restaurants that serve some of the finest seafood on the Caribbean. Dining at Los Pelicanos offers both indoor and outdoor seating. With its open-air atmosphere and close proximity to the beach, you won’t want to miss it. A new restaurant, Hola Asia, offers an excellent sampling of Asian food as well as a very good pizza!

It is possible to walk for miles on the beautiful white sand beach and only encounter a few others going about their way. Puerto Morelos is also a great area for swimming as the reef shelters the shore from large waves.

We returned to Puerto Morelos in April of 2010. We found several changes but the quiet charm was still there. Our favorate hotel, Hacienda Morelos has changed ownership and is now known as Carmem Hacienda. The nightly rate actually went down. The on site restaruant also improved dramaticly, with excelent food and service, encluding American style breakfast as early as 7am.

The remaining photos were taken in June of 2008. Joyce's youngest son and his family came out from Cottonwood, California to spend a couple of weeks in the tropical sun.


Veranda at Hacienda Morelos

Town Square





Beach Palapa



Beach Palapa


Hacienda Morelos

Looking Up at Los Pelicanos

The Port