Casa De Sueños
Our First Belize Home

This Was Sold In Feb 2008

Casa Suenos del Mar - July 2008

Casa De Sueños is a lovely, 2 bedroom 2 bath concrete house. It has the largest kitchen ever seen in a single family home! The 100x200 foot lot is one of the very few in Consejo Shores that still has most of its native trees, creating a beautiful forest like setting. Large numbers of birds, butterflies and other critters abound.

After Hurricane Dean (August 20, 2007,) the yard isn't quite so wooded. We lost 48 trees to the storm, not counting several banana plants that were also lost. By spring '08 most of the remaining trees will have grown out and the property will once again provide lots of shade and habitat for the birds and other critters that have made Pelican Pathway their home.

We rode out Category 5 Hurricane Dean in this house. It was like being in a bunker, completely secure. We actually slept through most of the storm, only realizing how bad it had been in the morning when we looked out and saw so many trees down. We felt and were) much safer here than in the Government Shelter in the Bahamas where we spent Hurricane Andrew in 1992. That was a truly scary experience!

We sold this house because we have moved into the new water front home we just completed. Casa De Sueños was the best real estate value in Consejo Shores and sold quickly.

Front Yard (Pre Deen)

Front Yard (After Dean)

Front Yard (After Clean Up)


Palapa (After Dean)

Palapa (After Clean Up)

Back Yard

Back Yard (After Dean)

Back Yard (After Clean Up)

Large Kitchen

Living Room

Almost immediately, new growth began to show on the remaining trees.  The photos below are pre-Dean, but all the flowers are still here!

Wood Carving




Cana Lily

Cana Lily

Cana Lily

Cana Lily

Bougainvillea Purple

Bougainvillea White

Bougainvillea Red

Banana Flower

Purple Bananas