Horatio Sinbad & Terry Brown
Modern Day Pirate - Privateers

Captain Horatio Sinbad

Captain Sinbad built and launched the MEKA II in 1967, and since she has earned the respect of many high seas adventurers for her sail training and historical educational voyages, following in the wake of great pirates and privateers.

The MEKA II has an overall length of 54' and is a half-scale replica of an 17th Century, two mast pirate brigantine armed with 6 cannons. Her home port is Beaufort, North Carolina where locals and tourist take pride in her ongoing efforts to preserve maritime heritage.

Together with the able Lieutenant Terry Brown, Captain Sinbad and other crew members continue to be active participants in reenactments of historical context and Tall Ship Events throughout the east coast, Bahamas, Jamaica and Cayman Islands.

Captain Horatio Sinbad

Recently, he has used his sword less, and his pen more to purse his lifelong passion of writing. The result is The Sword of Tortuga, a modern day action adventure with roots in the romantic novels of the sea. Soon to be a Movie, " Sword of Tortuga " will serve a wide range of audiences with it's message of good over evil, young people making leadership decisions and its realistic setting.

Visit Sinbad's web site Pirate Privateer Productions for more information.

Lieutenant Terry Brown
Captain Horatio Sinbad

Mika II Under Full Sail
Cannons Blazing


Home Port: Beaufort, NC

Builder: Horatio Sinbad

Rig: Brigantine

Sail Area: 1,500 sq. ft

Length overall: 54 feet

Beam 12 feet

Draft: 7 feet

Displacement: 18 tons

Licensed as a Privateer
by the State of North Carolina