Bianca's Vacation in Belize
Fishing and Snorkeling Trip
From Consejo to the Cayes

Snorkeling was the initial plan. Carlin has never been here before and had no idea what to expect! Coming to Belize with someone who has seen it all before and not having doing any of it  yourself can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes you think you may not be getting the full experience. But that was certainly not the case for Carlin this trip.

Snorkeling in the Caribbean is always a blast. No matter which part of the reef you go to there is always a collection of colorful fish to be seen. If you think seeing a school of minnows off your dock is a sight, how about jumping off of a boat into the ocean to see a rainbow. The fish are of every color you can think of, yellow, purple, blue, and red. All of them with stripes, spots, and all sorts of designs. It is something you need to see because hearing it is nothing compared to the real life experience. As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing!” And believe me, it is something worth experiencing.

I've been fishing before, but nothing like this. Luckily we were with someone who really knew his stuff. Laith was a wonderful skipper and is a true fisherman.  I was the only woman on a boat full of men, about six of them to be exact. Catching fish was a breeze to them and I thought it was because of their strength, but I was wrong. I have two arms of spaghetti noodles, long, and pretty near useless when it comes to moving or lifting something heavy, but I, all by myself, reeled in a Barracuda only a foot and some shorter than I am.

I had to manage how to hold it while reeling it in, but it worked, and that was one of the most exciting parts of my day! I must remind you that I am just over 5 feet tall and so that is one big fish to be pulling in by myself. I have never in my life enjoyed fishing as much as I did that day. We just pulled up to some spot as we were coming home from the Cayes and managed to pull in over 10 larger Barracuda. And making our very own fresh from the ocean Ceveche was a cherry on top of my shake.

We docked up on land that night in San Pedro, but Caye Caulker is another great island to check out. The food is delicious with lots of smaller bars to check out a party. To make things sound even better, there is always a great walk down the beach to share and look at the sunset.

Going with friends was a great part of the trip, but having someone with us who knew what they were doing was what made the trip the best. Finding someone to take you is never hard. It was nothing but fun in the hot sun. Something you will never be able to experience back at home. This is one of the best things I have been able to experience and I along with the others on the trip can highly recommend it.

Thanks Laith, you are a jewel!

Bianca Pengelly - Jan, 2010

Laith Sabbas loves to fish. It might be said he lives to fish. It didn't take much effort to talk him into an overnight fishing and snorkeling trip to San Pedro and Cay Caulker. He loaded up visitors Bianca, Carlin, Dalsin and Tanner along with local friends Mike and L --- and took them on a fishing adventure.

Your first time snorkeling in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea is a moment you will never forget.

Arriving at San Pedro, feeding Tarpon at the dock.

Sometime you don't catch what you expect. Nurse Sharks are protected, so you are not supposed to catch them. Someone forgot to tell the sharks. After bring the beast on board, Laith retrieved his lure and released the shark.

Early the next morning, it was time to go fishing! And the Barracuda were biting. Catching is way more fun that fishing, so the whole crew was ecstatic.

While Laith mostly drove the boat and helped the crew land their fish, he managed to hook a few himself.

Photos by: Bianca Pengelly