The Birds of Consejo, Belize

Drawn by over six hundred species of birds, enthusiasts flock to Belize to witness a fantastic range of species. These include the incomparable Scarlet Macaw, the iconic Keel-Billed Toucan, the amazing Jabiru Stork, which is the largest bird in the western hemisphere, the spectacular Harpy Eagle, with its seven foot wingspan, and over 20 species of hummingbird.

There are interesting and beautiful birds almost everywhere in Belize – in the wetlands, lagoons, forests and coastline. Watch the flocks of pelicans surrounding the local fisherman cleaning their catch while the graceful frigate birds glide effortlessly on the ocean thermals. Wading birds congregate along the coastline and inner lagoons. The grasslands and savannas provide seeds for the many finches, osprey nests atop telephone poles and houses. And in the tropical forests there is an astonishing diversity of bird species.

With its unusually diverse habitats, the famous Maya Ruin area of Lamanai is a must for bird watchers. The New River boat tours to the Lamanai ruins are a must for any bird lover. The waterway simply teems with bird life. Rare birds abound, like the roseate spoonbills, sun grebes and long-necked anhinga. Near the mouth of the lagoon is a large ceiba tree with a huge nest, home to a five-foot Jabiru Stork, with a wingspan of approximately eight feet.

Over 320 of these bird species live or pass through Consejo, Belize at various times of year. The pictures on this page are of birds that we have actually observed in the Consejo area.


Altamira Oriole

Black Vulture

Brown Jay


Collared Aracari Toucan

Baltimore Oriole





Great Blue Heron


Keel Billed Toucan

Black Cowled Oriole

Social Flycatcher

Ferruginous Pygmy

Brown Hooded Parrot

Black Headed Trogon

Blue Fronted Parrot

Brown Pelican

Golden Front

Mealy Parrot

Olive Throated

Lineated Woodpecker

Aztec Parakeet


Red Lorried Parrot

Juvenile White Front

Yellow Lorried Parrot

Adult Male White Front

Tropical Pewee

Yucatan Jay

Yellowbellied Sapsucker


Masked Tityra

Piratic Flycatcher

King Vulture

Slatey Tail Trogan

Yellow Nape Parrot

Red Vented Woodpecker

Zone Tailed Hawk

Grassland Yellow Finch

Yucatan Jay Juvenile