Paa Mul
Quintana Roo, Mexico

Prior to the hurricanes of 2005, we always spent a few days at Paa Mul when we visited the Yucatan. Located about 30 miles south of the Cancun Airport, Paa Mul is a very convenient and comfortable place with a beautiful beach and easily reached shallow reef just off shore.

After being hit twice in 2005, the owner took advantage of the need to rebuild and made several "improvements" that were probably good business decisions, but I feel took away the charm.

We will always remember the great times we had at Paa Mul. This final trip we met a group of guys from the Chec Republic. We spoke a common language, tequila!

These old villas are gone

Replaced By These

The beach at sunset

The beach at Noon

The beach at sunrise

The beach

Bridge to the Palapas

Joyce, John & Lisa A Bit Lit

New Friends

Wedding on the Beach


Full Moon

The Pool

The Restaurant

Paa Mul still offers some of the best diving on Yucatan's Caribbean coast. It has been described as the easiest diving area, yet the most rewarding. The balmy clear waters are pristine and magical.

Scuba Mex Dive Shop's dive equipment is all new and properly maintained. Their dive instructors are trained paramedics and they have oxygen and other first aid equipment up to date and ready for any emergency, just in case. Scuba Mex Dive Shop has 5 dive boats and 3 compressors, so divers spend maximum time on the reef, not waiting for tanks to be filled or boats repaired. They also have their own Nitrox fill system.