Building In Belize

New Home Construction Project 2006

May 2006 Construction Log

#71D Consejo Beach Trail
Consejo Shores, Belize

Week 7

Monday May 1 is Labor Day in Belize.

Tuesday May 2:

A final course of block was added around the edge of the roof to create the rain water catchment. Work began on the first layer exterior stucco.

Wednesday May 3:

The color coat was applied to the first div of the exterior. The color is created mixing white cement and stone dust. The window overhangs will have red Mexican Tile on top.

The finish coat was started on the roof also. This must be properly sloped to assure the rain water flows toward the drains.

Thursday May 4:

More of the color coat was applied. The Electrician worked on setting the rough-in.

Friday May 5:

Finish work continues. After some cleanup of the job site the view toward the water is pretty nice.

BEL finally hooked up the power!

Week 8

Monday May 8:

The first of the tile on the window overhangs was laid. They didn't get it quite straight, so it was removed and done over.

Tuesday May 9:

Footings for some of the steps were dug and poured. The remainder of the spoil from the cistern is being spread to insure water drains away from the building.

Wednesday May 10:

The steps off the Master Bedroom were poured. The ones by the Living Room were formed and should be poured tomorrow. The pile of 'black dirt' comes from the sugar mills and is very rich in nutrients. It will be spread over most of the back area.

Thursday May 11:

The View From The Top. White cement was painted on the roof to help keep the house cool. The finish work on the cistern was completed.

Friday May 12:

View from the water. I cropped out the piles of debris that should have been removed by now. My only real complaint with this crew is that they do leave a mess.  

Saturday May 13

Today is forecast to be the hottest so far this year. The crew arrived at 0600 and worked for 4 hours removing the bush polls and forms from the veranda area. When I stopped by about 1030 work was finished for the day but their ride home was late. It was already 86?F with 74% humidity, heat index of 97?F. Some of the guys were in the ocean cooling off while the rest relaxed in the shade. Forecast high for today is 96?! The good news is the rains are forecast to start next week.

Week 9

Monday May 15:

Everyone is working hard, but little progress is visible. Throwing stucco on the veranda ceiling is slow, hard work.

Tuesday May 16:

Most of the major exterior work is complete. By Friday, most work should be indoors. None too soon, as the annual spring rains have begun. The big rains are normally in late June but we should see an inch or so per week until then.

Wednesday May 17

More stucco was applied to the exterior,  some dressing of windows was done. Bush poles were removed from the bathrooms and laundry room and interior finishing was begun.

Thursday May 18:

Still more exterior finishing was done. Most of the windows and exterior door frames have been dressed. Windows will be installed after interior walls and ceilings are painted. 

Friday May 19:

Most of the "Black Dirt" was spread out in the backyard. The first picture is the view from the Master Bedroom French Doors. The next picture is a div of the MBR ceiling, the first of the interior surfaces to obtain a finish texture. Last we see the view from the Front Door into what will be the Kitchen / Living Room. Unfortunately, the contrast doesn't allow you to see the beautiful view through the window and French Doors. It looks a lot like picture #1.

Most of the bush poles and concrete forms for the ceiling we removed today. This is a week earlier than generally accepted practice. After running the numbers using the very warm temperatures and high humidity we have experienced since the roof was poured, we determined that nothing was to be gained by an extra week of support. The concrete should have cured to at least 90% of its 5000 psi hardness after 21 days.

Saturday May 20:

This is an other view from the waterline.  Helberto is cleaning up the ocean side of the lot and spreading the remaining black dirt. We may plant some grass plugs when the big rains start in a few weeks, if the house hasn't already sold.

Week 10

Monday May 22:

Lots of rain last night and today. About 4000 gallons in the cistern as of 1800 this evening.  Today was Commonwealth Day, another National Holiday in Belize. The crew was supposed to work today, but with the rain, they decided to take the holiday off.

Tuesday May 23:

Stucco work continues on the interior. The plumber installed the shower faucets and the washing machine connection header. 

Wednesday May 24:

Work started on the septic tank. Interior stucco work continues with the Master Bedroom nearly finished, Guest Bedroom is brown coated and the scaffold, such as it is, is set up in the Living Room / Kitchen.

Thursday May 25:

Lots more rain last night. The cistern at our Pelican Pathway home is full! The cistern at this house has about 6000 gallons, which is just under half full. The crew worked indoors, applying stucco in various rooms.

Friday May 26:

It rained all night again, but not during the day today. The floor of the septic tank was poured and finish work continues inside. The cabinet maker, Roger Riverol, delivered all the doors and the Kitchen cabinets today. We had to store them at Pelican Pathway as the construction site isn't secured.

Week 11

Monday May 29:

4" block was used to form the bottom 2' of the shower stalls. The  remaining 4' will be glass block. Work continues on finishing the interior walls. I can't get enough of the view from the Master Bedroom!

Tuesday May 30:

Interior finish work and cleanup continues.

Wednesday May 31:

First coat of paint was applied to the ceiling. Glass Block shower wall in the Master Bath was completed.

May Recap:

After just 11 weeks the house is almost complete. The window, doors, cabinets, plumbing and electrical fixtures are ready for installation. Tile work begins tomorrow. 

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