Consejo Real Estate
For Sale Or Rent

Discover Consejo, Belize - There has never been a better time to invest in property in Consejo Shores and the surrounding area. The economic recovery in the USA and Canada is bringing a profusion of serious buyers. The baby-boom generation is starting to retiring at a rate of more then 10,000 per day and these current and future retirees are looking to Belize as the ideal place to purchase an affordable retirement or second home.

The houses for sale in Consejo Shores range from Million Dollar Waterfront Estates to 1 bedroom cottages. There are still undeveloped lots available in Consejo Shores and the surrounding countryside for those that prefer to build their own home.

Before you buy, you can rent a single room or a whole house while you explore this diverse country and discover if Belize is really for you.

test Click on the appropriate button below to see a sampling of what is available in the Consejo area, either for sale or for rent. Contact the sellers or owners directly for additional information. We built two houses in Consejo Shores. Click on Building in Belize to see the daily cosnstruction logs for these projects. In information is a bit dated as there was no Central Building Autority in those days, but people still find the logs informative.