2017 Consejo Shores Triple Crown - Second Event, Bocce

The 2017 Consejo Triple Crown got started on January 14th with the Bocce Tournament played at Jim and Mary Goodart's Consejo Shores home. After the death of tournaments founder Tom Gardner, Denise Fillmore stepped up and organized this years event. She made few rule changes that altered the dynamics of the games, the most notable change being the random assignment of playing partners at each event. Scores are then awarded individually to assure that no one couple can dominate the Tournament. This major change in the rules was well received by all the players.

I was unable to attend any of this years events do to personal issues. Mary Goodart has provided all the photos seen below. Thanks Mary, great job! I have been promised color commentary for each leg and will adding to this coverage as it is delivered to me.

Bocce play began after team assignments.

Bocce Tournament Results

1st Place  -  Jane & Roger 2nd place - Allison & Perry 3rd place - Willy & Dwaine
4th place - Rita & Gabi 5th place  -  Anna & Linda 6th place - Staci & Todd
                                Laura & Jim
7th place - Diana & Ed 8th place - Mary & Vicky  
                            Kim & Jeff                             Joanne & Kipp  
                            Tia & Dan                             Ginny & Ray  
                            Peter & Matt                             Isabel & Paul  

The Second Leg of the 2017 Consejo Triple Crown, the Horseshoe Tournament, was played On February 25th. 4 Horseshoe Pitches were set up at Jeff and Denise Fillmore's Consejo Shores home. This year another popular rule change was to make the pitches a little shorter then a standard Pitch to accommodate the older and less athletic participants. This had the unintended benefit of speeding up play considerable, with all games completed before 11am.

Horseshoe Tournament Results

1st Place  -  Ron & Jeff 2nd place - Roger & Todd 3rd place - Mark & Sandy
4th place - Shirley & Perry 5th place  -  John & Dana 6th place - Dan & Bently
                                Jim & Peter
7th place - Trish & Vicky 8th place - Mary & Vicky  
                            Rita & Rob                             Kipp & Laura  
                            Paul & Stacie                             Gabi & Joanne  
                            Anna & Denise                             Bye  

The final leg of the 2017 Consejo Triple Crown was Scotch Doubles 8-ball and was played on March 4th. Smuggler's Den and The New Millennium provide the venues and pool tables.

Pool Tournament Results

1st Place  -  Roger & Perry 2nd place - Mary & Trish 3rd place - Laura & Willy
4th place - Rob & Peter 5th place  -  Kin & Stacy 6th place - Gabi & Dan
                                John & Denise
7th place - Rita & Joanne 8th place - Vicky & Ed  
                            Daina & Kip                             Anna & Bryon  
                            Tod & Allison                             Bently & Ron  
                            Jim & Shirley                             Jan & Ray P  

The awards banquet was held on March 18th.