2nd Annual Consejo Triple Crown
Scotch Doubles 8 Ball

The final leg of the 2016 Consejo Triple Crown was played at The New Millennium on Friday, February 19th and Saturday February 20th. The teams were assigned to either the Hearts or Spades Brackets by a random drawing of cards. The Hearts Bracket played Friday, The Spades Bracket played on Saturday. Like all other Triple Crown games, this was a double elimination event.

The winners of Spade and Heart brackets played the final matches on Saturday Evening.

 Played on Friday 02/19 at The New Millennium

Ed and Trish

Perry and Sharon

Dan and Janice

Ray and Rita

Jim and Mary

Jeff and Robbie

Friday's Brackets

 Played on Saturday 02/20 at The New Millennium

Jane and Shirley

Denise and Mischelle

Bob and Larry

Fred and Tod

Ray M and John V

Kim and JRob

Saturday's Brackets

The winners of Friday's matches, Jim and Mary, played Saturday's winners Kim and Rob. Jim and Mary were victorious. The top of Friday's looser's bracket, Todd and Fred, played Saturday's top looser's bracket team, Robbie and Jeff. Todd and Fred won that match and went on to defeat Kim and Rob for the right to challenge Jim and Mary in the Final Match.

Jim and Mary are the 2016 Conssejo Triple Crown Pool Champions!

Final Four
2016 Consejo Triple Crown Pool.

Photos and commentary provided by Denise Fillmore and Mary Goodart. Thank You!