2016 Consejo Shores Triple Crown - First Event Event, Horse Shoes

The 1st leg of the 2016 Consejo Triple Crown, Horse Shoes, was played on January 9th at Jeff and Denise Fillmore's home in Consejo Shores. It was a beautiful Saturday Morning, warm with a cooling sea breeze that kept the players from roasting. The pitches were set up along a tree line that provided much welcome shade without causing too much trouble for the players.

There are some rule changes this year. Sign-ups are no longer couples, but individuals. Teams are chosen by random drawing for each event. Players will be awarded points for being on a winning team. Bonus points will be awarded for scoring the most point on a team and tossing a ringer in Horse Shoes.

Play began promptly at 8:00, There were 24 players on two pitches. With double elimination, it took until past 2PM to complete all the games. Ginny / Rodger and Denise / Bob broke the record for the longest horse shoe game in Triple Crown history. The opposite court played three games before they were done!

The final pitted Looser's Bracket winners John V. and Rob against undefeated Todd and Shirley. Todd and Shirley were victorious.

Loosers Brackets

It was a longer day than most of us expected, but everyone had a great time. Special thanks once again go out to Jeff and Denise Fillmore, for hosting the first leg of the 2016 Consejo Triple Crown. Thanks also to the folks who brought pastries and other food to help us all keep up our strength.

The First Round Results and Triple Crown Standings

Winners Brackets

Loosers Brackets