2016 Consejo Shores Triple Crown - Second Event, Bocce

The 2016 Triple Crown got started 2 weeks ago with the Horse Shoes leg, won by Shirley and Rob. The second leg, Bocce was played Saturday, January 23th at Dwaine and Ginny Garner's fabulous Water Front home. 12 teams this year, with partners picked by random drawing. We had three Bocce Courts available, possibly the nicest setup yet for Triple Crown Bocce, and the weather was perfect! Sunny and cool.

Play began promptly at 8AM. With 3 courts, play was quick, exciting and fun. By 11am we were down to 3 teams. Dwaine/Ed sat atop the Winners Bracket. Jeff/Shirley and Denise/Rob played the Looser's Bracket final, with Denise/Rob coming out on top. So the Bocce Final was Denise/Rob vs Dwaine/Ed. Denise and Rob were relentless, beating the undefeated Winner's Bracket champs handily in the first game. This being a double elimination tournament, a second game was required in which Denise and Rob again overwhelmed Dwaine and Ed to become the 2016 Triple Crown Bocce Champions.

The Winners

First Place

Rob and Denise

Second Place

Ed and Dwaine

Special thanks go to Dwaine and Ginny Garner for welcoming the Bocce Players and spectators to their lovely home, and to Jeff and Denise Fillmore and Tom Gardner for organizing these events.!

The Second Round Results

Winners Brackets

Loosers Brackets