2015 Consejo Shores Triple Crown - Awards Banquet and Ceremony

Awards Banquet

Jeff and Denise Fillmore hosted the 2016 Consejo Triple Crown Awards Banquet at their lovely home in Consejo Shores on March 5th. The Consejo Triple Crown is one of the few Consejo Area events that has not become a commercial venture. Consejo.Bz would like to thank Triple Crown originator Tom Gardner and this year's organizers Jeff and Denise Fillmore for keeping this a Just For Fun event.

The banquet was a pot luck event with open bar, so the food was plentiful and delicious as always. The plethora of dishes each with a unique flavor, made this meal even better than our typically Awesome Consejo Shores Pot Lucks.

The main purpose of this event was to give awards to the winners of this years Consejo Triple Crown. Prizes ranged from "Longest Horse Shoe Game in History" and "Luckiest Draw for Partners" to "Being Subs" and "Stringing Us Along". Of course there were the First and Second places in each of the events and the overall Triple Crown Championship.

Last year's participants were asked for suggestions for improving the Triple Crown and increasing the participation. Many of those excellent ideas were implemented this year, making this a slightly different, and most felt a best yet, Consejo Triple Crown.

So that's it for the 2016 Consejo Triple Crown. Special thanks to Jeff and Denise or organizing and running this years event. There was a theme that ran through all of this years Triple Crown events: Smiles and Laughter from everyone involved. Great Job!