The third and final leg of the 2015 Consejo Triple Crown, Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Pool was played on Saturday, March 14th. the New Millennium Restaurant and Bar in Consejo Village. Play didn't get started until 10:30 due to a couple of late arrivals. Tom Gardner explained the rules to all the players, then the games began.

The players attempted to keep things moving along, but with only one table available the first round took over 2 hours to complete. By 2:00 all but the final four teams had been eliminated. The final four were John and Shirley, Larry and Janice, Rob and Jane and Jim and Mary. The final game was between Jim and Mary vs Rob and Jane, both couples new to Belize and Consejo Shores. Jim and Mary won convincingly even though both Jane and Rob played very well.

The Winners

Jim and Mary

So that is it for this years Consejo Triple Crown. Below are the official results of the Third Round of the 2015 Consejo Triple Crown. The final standings will be announced at the Awards Banquet, which will be held at Dwaine an Ginny Garner's lovely sea side home in Consejo Shores on March 28th and they should be published on that evening.

The Third Round Results


A special thanks to everyone involved for making this an event filled with laughter!