It is Triple Crown Time again in Consejo Shores, Belize. This year's games started on Saturday, January 24th with the Bocce round. 8 teams played in this double elimination tournament. We had two Bocce Courts setup at John and Shirley Vos's home in Consejo Shores. This location provided both the best and worst of all Bocce courts we have used these past 4 years. While giving plenty of shade for the players, the yard is interestingly contoured, making play challenging, to say the least!

Play began promptly at 8AM. The sky was overcast with a blustery North wind that the trees surrounding the Vos's property blocked nicely. The difficulty of the courts made the games more interesting and the competition was fierce. In one game, tied at 10 each, the winning ball was 1/4 of an inch closer to the Pallino (Jack) then the losing ball! All the players found the games exciting, frustrating and most of all fun.

The Winners

First PlaceSecond Place

Rita and EdJane and Rob

Special thanks go to John and Shirley Vos for welcoming the Bocce Players and spectators to their lovely home, and to Jeff and Denise Fillmore and Tom and Rose Gardner for organizing this event and keeping the Consejo Triple Crown alive!

The First Round Results and Standings