Christmas Cookie
Decorating Class

With the Consejo Village Kids

It is the Christmas Season and once again Denise Fillmore and friends baked a lot of cookies to give the local kids a morning of fun applying the frosting and other surgery stuff. This year's Christmas Cookie Decorating Class was held on Saturday, December 20th at the Consejo Shores Community Center. The turnout was fantastic and with the help of her brother Dan Horejs, Sharon Robertson, Shirley Voss and several of the parents, this became the biggest and best cookie bash yet.

Special thanks goes to Denise Fillmore and Dan Horejs, who put the event together, and to Shirley Voss and Sharon Robertson for helping bake the huge batches of cookies and providing the sugary goo used for decorations. Their selfless desire to bring a little Christmas Joy to the community kids is greatly appreciated. They spent hours baking the dozens of cookies for this event, seeking nothing in return but the smiling faces on the kids.