Consejo Road Clean and Plant Day Community Initiative

Consejo Road Clean and Plant Day
Community Initiative

Corozal Area Students, Teachers and Police Cadets Join Forces
with Consejo Community Residents to Clean Consejo Road
and Plant at the Corozal Waste Dump Site

Over the weekend of March 23 and 24, 2014, volunteers from Consejo community were joined by students, teachers and police cadets from Corozal area schools, to take on the massive task of cleaning up Consejo road and dressing up the new entrance to the Corozal waste dump site entrance.

In all total, there were approximately 128 volunteers participating in the day’s activities. Volunteers worked side-by-side through the very hot morning hours picking up all the trash along the seven and a half (7 ½) mile stretch of Consejo road. At the same time, other volunteers planted various plants and small trees at the new entrance to the Corozal waste dump site. A new earth berm has been recently constructed to hide the unsightly view of the trash dump. The new berm entrance was designed to act as a containment barrier to reduce biohazard flooding onto adjacent Consejo road during the rainy season.

Among the schools participating in the Clean and Plant Day initiative were students and teachers from the Eagles Environmental Club from Corozal Junior College; the Corozal Community College Environmental Club; the Rangers Environmental Club from Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico, and these students were joined by the welcome participation of young cadets from the Police Cadet Corp of Corozal Town. The morning’s efforts were also complemented by workers and equipment provided by the Corozal Town Council’s Sanitation Department.

The weekend’s efforts included the planting of small trees and plants to help beautify the newly constructed natural earth berm which has been constructed in front of the Corozal waste dump site. Heavy rains from last year’s rainy season brought record amounts of trash and toxic biohazards out onto Consejo road. The combined efforts of Saturday morning’s volunteers left the entire road free of all trash.

As temperatures rose, plenty of cold drinking water was handed out to everyone involved in order to keep volunteers hydrated. After the morning’s hard work, volunteers gathered together to enjoy the gracious hospitality at Smuggler’s Den, where Consejo community residents and staff provided food and cool refreshments to all those who participated in the morning’s cleaning and planting efforts. Donations supporting the ‘thank you’ portion of the day’s event were contributed by individuals and area businesses through the 2013 Consejo Road Disaster Task Force. All remaining materials and supplies were donated to the various Environmental Clubs that took part.

The 2013 Consejo Road Disaster Task Force Director Mr. Ervin Wade, was on hand to communicate a big thank you to all who contributed their time, effort, financial donations and other resources to making the Consejo Community Clean and Plant Day a huge success.

All in all, everyone who participated in the Consejo community initiative felt the day’s efforts were a huge success.

The new natural earth berm was designed, constructed and largely paid for by residents of the Consejo community and was facilitated by the 2013 Consejo Road Disaster Task Force. The final phase of the Task Force’s Consejo Road Project will be the erection of numerous signs designed to raise public awareness to help keep Consejo road free of trash. The Corozal Town Council will be imposing stiff fines of $500 to $1,000 for violators who are identified as illegally dumping or even dropping trash along the road or in front of the dump entrance. The planned use of hidden security cameras will help identify and catch violators. All Corozal area residents are reminded to dump all trash inside the dump which is just past the new dump berm wall. There will be an attendant at the dump site to direct individuals where to dump their trash.

New Signage at the Consejo Road Dump

Photos, Video and Copy provided by The 2013 Consejo Road Disaster Task Force