1st Annual Roots and Shoots Mini Ag Fair

1st Annual Roots and Shoots Mini Ag Fair
At The Consejo Shores Community Center

Everybody there agreed that the First Roots and Shoots Mini Ag Fair was a great success -- thanks to all the organizing and hard work of Beverley Griffiths.

We had a large turnout, and it was a wonderful day, with several interesting presenters to listen to such as John Masson, Pandora Canton and Nana Mensah with Yasmin Ramirez from SHI -- who traveled from as far away as Belize City and Punta Gorda. The demonstrations were excellent, informative and most entertaining. We also had various discussions on topics such as Organic Farming and Aquaculture.

We had many different vendors selling a variety of plants, herbs, shrubs and young trees, manure, organic composts, flower pots and various handicrafts. We also had displays with products for sale from BAEL and Triple C, Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) and the Belize Organic Alliance (BOA), where they were able to talk about their products for sale.

The whole atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly, and people had plenty of time to visit all the vendors, ask questions, and learn more about the plants or products that interested them. And we had a delicious lunch too.

After the fair itself, we also went on a tour of a fruit orchard on the Griffith's Farm, to learn about its progress and health, after using BAEL's EM products.

For those of you who missed this year's Fair, you will be pleased to know that, at our final discussions after lunch, everyone agreed that it was a lot of fun, and we should do it again next year. So we will plan well in advance next time, and probably have the 2015 Fair in January. We will give you plenty of warning so that people can prepare well in advance so as to bring their produce, plants and preserves to sell.

Roots and Shoots would like to send out a big thank you to all the people who came to our Fair last Monday and made it such a great day. All of the vendors, and particularly the speakers who traveled so far to be with us, and our members too.

Photos Estevan Assi, SHI and Others - Commentary by Roots and Shoots Garden Club