December 2014 Neighborhood Watch Meeting and Pot Luck Social

The Consejo Area Neighborhood Watch held an informal meeting and pot luck social at Smuggler's Den on Sunday, December 7, 2014. The event was well attended by homeowners from Consejo Shores, Mayan Seaside, Wagner's Landing and Buccaneer Bay. It is sad that no one from Consejo Village attended.

People began arriving around 11 AM. Most headed for the Smuggler's Den Bar where Sodas, Water, Beer and Mixed drinks were available for purchase. Others staked out the best sitting areas. At about 11:45, Tom Fisher picked up the microphone and began the Informational part of the event.

Tom introduced several new members of the community then began explaining all that the Neighborhood Watch Committee has accomplished during it's first year. It was an impressive list of accomplishments, including purchase of equipment, training of First Responders as well as self-defence training for individuals with special classes for woman. Updated phone lists and phone tree assignments were made available for all that were interested. Tom then introduced Jeff Jackson who gave a brief recap of the years accomplishments and then introduced the three Belize Police Force personnel assigned to the local Community Policing Program.

First to speak was Sargent Marleni Montejo, followed by the Corozal CID Invetigator who let us know that the thief involved in a recent break-in was promptly arrested, tried and convicted, thanks to carelessly left finger prints left by the culprit and a complete list of stolen item with serial numbers that allowed the Police to quickly identify the stolen items. The perpetrator, commonly known as "Nine Fingers" was sentenced to 7 years in prison for this offense. Last to speak was Officer Eroll Peralta who just introduced himself to the crowd.

Then it was time to eat! As with all Pot-Luck events in the Consejo Area, there was an abundance of interesting and delicious food laid out. With the large attendance it took a while to work through the cue, but it was well worth the wait.

Special thanks to Ray Wagner of Smuggler's Den for providing the local for this event, and to Tom Gardner, Tom Fisher and Jeff Jackson not only for organizing this event, but also for keeping the Neighborhood Watch running smoothly and effectively. The Consejo Area Neighborhood Watch is considered by the Police Force to be a model for Effective Crime Prevention and Emergency Response for the entire country.