2nd Annual Consejo Triple Crown

The First Event of the 2013 Consejo Triple Crown was Horseshoes. The matches were held on Saturday, January 12th. The teams were assigned to either the Hearts or Spades Brackets by a random drawing of cards. The Spades Bracket played at at Jeff and Denise Fillmore's home on Tammy Trail. The Hearts Bracket played at Tom and Rose Gardner's place on Consejo Beach Trail. Horseshoes is a double elimination event.

The first Spades teams stepped on the pitches at 9:30 at the Fillmore's. Play continued until there was an overall winner and a winner of the Loser's Bracket. John and Shirley took the overall with Ed and Rita topping the Loser's list.

While the Spades Bracket players were throwing shoes at the Fillmore's, the Hearts Bracket players took to the pitches at Tom and Rose Gardner's home. Everyone played until they lost two matches, and were eliminated from the competition. Tom and Rose took the Winners Bracket, with Ken and Patti toping the Loser's Bracket.

Ed and Rita made it to the finals on the strength of Rita's multiple 'Ringers', earning her the title of Ringer Rita! After defeating John and Shirley and also beating Steve and Karree in the Semi-final matches, they went on to the Championship match against Tom and Rose. I think maybe Rita's arm was getting a little weak in the end as they were easily defeated by our new Horseshoes Champions. Congratulations to Tom and Rose.

Final Four Teams

The Winners Of Horse Shoes
Tom & Rose Gardner

Here are the Final Brackets and the Official Triple Crown Standings. You will need to click on the images for a readable size copy.

The Hearts Bracket

The Spades Bracket

The Final Four

Official Standings

The second leg of the Triple Crown will be Bocce. This will be played on February 9th at the Consejo Shores Community Center.

Photos by J. McMaster and Jeff Fillmore
Brackets Provided by Tom Gardner