2nd Annual Consejo Triple Crown
Scotch Doubles 8 Ball

The final leg of the 2013 Consejo Triple Crown was played on Saturday, March 9th. The teams were once again assigned to either the Hearts or Spades Brackets by a random drawing of cards. The Spades Bracket played at at Smuggles' Den. The Hearts Bracket played at The New Millennium. Like all other Triple Crown games, this was a double elimination event.

Play began at 10AM. Now Tom and Rose have their own personal Pool Cues and Professional Pool Gloves, so several of the Hearts players decided, in jest, to play with our own Amateur Pool Gloves. I used an old leather garden glove, and it really helped. Joyce, who wore a rubber kitchen glove, and I almost beat Tom and Rose in the first round, with only the 8 ball left on the table after the cue ball dropped with my final shot!

 Play at The New Millennium

 Play at Smugglers' Den

Denise Fillmore and Dwaine Garner gave Tom and Ross Gardner an epic battle in the final, with just the 8 ball left on the table, which Tom promptly put away. So Tom and Rose win the Final Leg of the Triple Crown and were also crowned the 2013 Consejo Triple Crown Champions.

Here are the Official Results of the Scotch Doubles 8 Ball event.

The Hearts Bracket

The Spades Bracket

The Final Four

And the Official Final Standing
2nd annual Consejo Triple Crown.

Official Standings