2nd Annual Consejo Triple Crown
Awards Ceremony

Mike and Janet: Bocce Champs - - Tom and Rose: Horseshoes, 8 Ball and Overall Champions


Some of the players had left for the Frozen North and a few had to attend to unexpected events but the majority of the 2nd Annual Consejo Triple Crown gathered at Joyce and John McMaster's home for fun, food and the presentation of the prestigious awards. Folks began arriving around 2pm. The bar was open so most grabbed a beer or other drink and some played a little Bocce while we waited to see who would be attending.

Pot Luck

Like every Consejo Shores Pot Luck to date, the food was excellent. Thanks to all the great cooks who provided this feast, it was wonderful!

Awards Presentation

Tom Gardner called the group to order for the presentation of the awards. prizes given under many categories, some serious, most in complete jest.

Ringer Rita

Ed accepts Goose Eggs for Wayne and Lorraine

Seldom does one receive a nickname after one day, however, after a day of Horseshoes, everyone was calling Rita Mclean 'Ringer Rita". She was awarded her own special ring.

While tabulating the Horseshoes scores, an anomaly was found. There was a team that won 1 game and lost 2 yet scored no points. This team got a bye on the first round and were shut out in their next two games. So to Wayne and Lorraine goes the The Triple Crown Goose Eggs.

Glasses for Ken and Patty

Mike and Janet - Rookies of the Year

Gaiter Aid for Joyce

We started the Bocce event at 8AM to try to beat the heat. Because that is REALLY early for some folks, a few of the players were a little 'under the weather'. Ken an Patty were so under the weather they kept throwing the wrong color Bocce balls. The Committee decided to donate a pair of glasses to help them out next year.

Mike and Janet won the Bocce Leg of the Triple Crown. This was a remarkable achievement being they had never played the game before. They were named the Rookies Of The Year.

When it is as warm as it was for our Bocce tournament, it is imperative that we keep ourselves hydrated. Joyce, who has lived in the tropics for over 25 years and certainly knows this, nearly collapsed from the heat. So for next year, the committee awards Joyce a bottle of Gaiter Aid to help remind her keep the fluids flowing.

Robbie accepts the EMT Award for Marlien

Flexible Genny

Marline is a retired nurse who selflessly has helped several people during her time in Consejo Shores. Joyce's emergency was no exception. Marline rendered first aid and accompanied Joyce to the hospital. She even gave the ER Nurse at the hospital a short lesson on use the EKG machine. So to Marline goes the 2nd Annual Triple Crown EMT award!

With Joyce and John unable to continue, we had to decide how to finish the games. Flexible Genny agreed to accept 3rd place and play was continued. So Genny receives our 2013 Flexibility Award.

Vladimir Gets A Flag

Linda Gets A New Stick

Karree's New Shoes

During the 8 Ball Pool competition, we were divided into two groups, with most of the color happening at Smuggles' Den. A new award category was created for Vladimir, Most Colorful Language Form A Bilingual Person. Next year he will need only wave his new flag when he is overcome by the need for a colorful comment.

Also at Smuggler's, there was one player who had a little difficulty actually striking the ball. For Linda, we have a new stick that should help.

Karree Models Her New Shoes

There was one player, also at Smuggles', who was a bit challenged trying reaching some portions of the table. But there is nothing the Committee can not fix. Karree gets a new pair of Official Triple Crown Short Person's Shoes

Jeff accepts for Denise

Diana and her Patch

Ray and Diana - Most Improved Team

Last year there was some problems with keeping the brackets straight. This year, Denise Fillmore was placed in charge of keeping the brackets for the Smuggles' Den players. She spent several hours with Tom being instructed on the finer points of Sports Brackets. Having done an exemplary job keeping the scores this year, Denise receives her Certificate Of Achievement in Bracetology 101. Denise couldn't be with us today, so her husband Jeff accepted the award on her behalf.

Tom has been playing pool for a long time, but had never seen a style quite like Diana's, sighting each shot with one eye closed. This seemed to work for her, but the Committee decided she should look stylin' while doing this. A decorator eye patch serves the purpose well.

This years award for the Most Improved Team goes to Ray and Diana, who doubled their total score over last year>

And the winners were:

Mike and Janet for Bocce

Rose and Tome for Horseshoes

Tom and Rose for 8 Ball.

Tom and Rose were crowned 2013 Consejo Area Triple Crown Grand Champions!

Photos by J. McMaster