The Second Annual
Splish Splash Bash

At The Garners' Sea-Thru Villa
On Consejo Beach Trail

The second annual Splish Splash Bash was held at the Garners' Sea-Thru Villa on Consejo Beach Trail on Saturday, April 6th, 2013. Hosts Dwaine and Ginny welcomed about 60 invited guests to the mid afternoon festivities under a beautiful clear blue Belizean sky.

Activities included splashing in the pool, throwing horseshoes or bocce balls and generally connecting with friends and neighbours. As well, many brought snacks and appetizers to whet everyone's appetites for the meal of good old Milleneum Restaurant fried chicken, served with various salads and desserts provided by other guests

Mr. Music Man, DJ Romi again provided fantastic background music during the afternoon's activities. He then turned on his dancing and singing music which got dozens up and dancing under the clear evening starlit sky.

Towards the end of the party, Jason won the contest prize of a sunny smiling inflatable rubber ring for enunciating "Splish Splash Bash" the most times in 30 seconds!

Penny, the 3 ½ month family pup, managed to survive the entire day and night without getting stepped on and without a nap (only short cat? naps in people's arms!!).

Ed and Dwaine had to have their traditional, annual dance.

First aid was required for only one stubbed toe - belonging to the host, Dwaine! Thanks to Naomi for mopping up the blood!

The Garners would like to thank everyone for attending and sharing their appies and side dishes. As well, special thanks to the Sunday morning clean-up crew: Denise, Jeff, Dan and John.

Photos by Jeff Fillmore, Dan Horejs and Ginny Garner