Eighth Annual Just For Fun
Consejo Shores Golf Tournament
Held in Consejo Shores, Corozal District, Belize

The Eighth Annual "Just For Fun" Golf Tournament was held March 16, 2013 at the Consejo Shores Golf Course.

Wanting to avoid the afternoon rains that have affected the tournament the last couple of years, play was scheduled to begin at 9am, with registration and team assignment beginning at 8am. Players began arriving around 8:00 and some play began well before the official start time.

The Rules:

Shotgun Start - At 2:30 PM a horn will sound and play begins from each assigned tee for the Shotgun start.

Best Ball - Each team member drives from the tee. Choose the better ball and pick up the other. Both team mates play from the spot of the better ball. Play from the spot of the better ball on each stroke.

Match Play - Two person teams compete to win each hole. The team with the fewest strokes wins that hole. Winning team receives 2 point for the hole, 1 point is awarded each team in the event of a tie. No point are awarded to a loosing team. The team with the highest point total wins the Match Play.

Stroke Play - Each team records their strokes per hole. The team with the lowest total strokes wins the Stroke Play.

The players:

There were 14 foursomes playing Match Play and 2 twosomes that played Just For Fun and we not eligible for the Match Play awards. This resulted from a couple of players arriving quite late. Everyone that wanted to play was able to play and everyone had a great time.

I think we got at least one shot of each player teeing off on #2. Sorry if we missed anyone.

Awards and Refreshments

Arriving at the Consejo Shores Community Center for the 3:00pm gathering for the after-tournament events, it became apparent that drinks and food service began long before the scheduled start time. Most of the players were happily relaxed, enjoying the company while they ate, drank and re-hashed the days play. Many of the later arrivals brought more food and drink, so no one went hungry, or thirsty. This may well have been the best spread in the Tournaments 8 year history!

Awards Ceremony

Once everyone was fed and the rum ran out, it was time to announce the winners of the 8th Annual Just For Fun Consejo Golf Tournament. Everyone gathered around, mostly in the shade to hear the results

Tournament Winners

First the winners of the two sub-events, Closest To The Pin on #2 and Longest Drive on #4 were announced. There were prizes for both Ladies and Men.

Closest To the Pin on #2

Ladies - Joyce Williams

Men - Bill Wildman (accepted by Bently)

Longest Drive on #4

Ladies - Eileen Kilgallon

Men - Mark Leonard

Then the winners of the Match Play and Stroke Play were announced.

Best Match Play

Willie Dupuis and Ron Fioole

Team Lowest Stroke Score

Carol Ann Green and Jeff Fillmore

Raffle Winners

The raffle has become an integral part of our annual golf tournament, and this year was no exception. Prizes ranged from home made cookies to gift certificates for local restaurants to beautiful First Addition Photo Cards by Lorenzo. The first ticked was drawn by Dana Kettnor, and all succeeding tickets were drawn by the previous winner. Several of the winners won twice, but they also bought a lot of tickets. Everyone sat with rapt attention as the numbers were called and the winners came forward to collect their prizes. Over $500 was raised for Golf Course Improvements and to help fund next years Just For Fun Consejo Shores Golf Tournament.

Special thanks goes to Dana Kettnor, Diana Porter and the many other volunteers who contributed time and effort to the cause. Also thanks the many local businesses which contributed and supported the event

  • The Millennium, Calypso Palapa and Matt Matthews of Consejo.
  • YNot Bakery, June's Kitchen,Patty's Bistro, Jam Rock and White's Car Wash of Corozal.

Photos by J. McMaster