Welcome Back Snowbirds
Welcome New Neighbors

Almost every morning Joyce and I take a little walk on Consejo Beach Trail. It seems that every day we were meeting new neighbors. We would go to the New Millennium for dinner only to find more strangers than acquaintances. So, in self-defence, we decided to try and get everyone together to meet the new folks and welcome the Snowbirds back.

The party was set for December 2nd. We provided the locale, the booze, beer and sodas. We rented the tent, tables and chairs. The rest was strictly Pot Luck. There are so many good cooks in Consejo Shores that pot luck is always a great meal. We invited everyone in Consejo Shores, a staggering total of over 100 people. We really wanted to include the residents of Mayan Seaside and Wagner's Landing, but the numbers have gotten to the point where that is just no longer possible.

At the appointed hour, we were ready. People began arriving right at 3:00:

By 3:30 most folks were here and the food was ready. What a great spread!

About the time people started playing Bocce, Ladder Golf (aka testicle-toss) and Horse Shoes, the batteries on the camera were dead. No problem, I have a spare, except it was also dead. Oh Well!