1st Annual Consejo Triple Crown

The Second Event of the Consejo Triple Crown, Horseshoes, was held on Saturday, February 11th at Jeff and Denise Filmore's home in Consejo Shores. This was also a double elimination event. Jeff had set up 4 pitches so all the games were played at one location, and no one had to wait too long between games.

The teams were the same as the first round except that Marlene was unable to play, so we had Lynn, a friend of Ray and Anne's substitute as Colin's partner. Darrin and Colleen along with Jan and Karmella didn't participate this round. They were replaced by Vladimir / Dana and Ron / Sandra.

All the players were present or accounted for and play began just after the official 11am starting time. The games were to 11 points, with the winners moving into the Winner's Bracket and the Loser's moving into the Loser's Bracket. After two losses a team was eliminated.

Here are the Final Brackets and the Official Triple Crown Standings. You will need to click on the images for a readable size copy.

Winners Bracket

Loser's Bracket

Official Standings

The Third and final leg will be "Bocce", played at Bob and Martha's home in Consejo Village on March 10th. The start time has been adjusted to 8 am due to the temperature we experienced during horseshoes and there is little shade. We should be finished by about 1 o'clock.