1st Annual Consejo Triple Crown
Scotch Doubles 8 Ball

The first ever Consejo Triple Crown was kicked off on Saturday, January 14th with a full day of "Scotch Doubles" Pool. This was a double elimination event. The first round of eight games was played at New Millennium. The Winners remained to finish out the Winners Bracket. Any team that lost joined the Loser's Bracket and moved to Smuggler's Den. The event got underway promptly at 11AM and ran all day, finishing up after 8PM.

Most of the teams consisted of Husband and Wives (or similar arrangements). We tried to get photos of everyone, but missed a few. Here are the shots of the first round.

All the participants gathered at New Millennium before the 11am starting time. Prior to starting the competition, coordinator Tom Gardner explained the rules.

Game 1: Phil and Kathy vs Ed and Rita - Won by Ed and Rita

Game 2: Jeff and Ginny vs Darrin and Colleen - Won by Jeff and Ginny

Game 3: Dwaine and Denise vs Bob and Martha - Won by Dwaine and Denise

Game 4: Collin and Marline vs Ray and Anne - Won by Collin and Marline

Game 5: Robby and Sharon vs Jan and Kamila - Won by Jan and Kamila

Game 6: Ken and Patti vs John and Joyce - Won by John and Joyce

Socializing while others play

Game 7: Ray and Diana vs Steve and Karree - Won by Ray and Diana

Game 8: Willy and Linda vs Tom and Rose - Won by Tom and Rose

Here are the Final Brackets and the Official Triple Crown Standings. You will need to click on the images for a readable size copy.

Winners Bracket

Loser's Bracket

Official Standings

The second round will be "Horse Shoes", was played at Jeff and Denise's home in Consejo Shores on February 12th. Coverage of that event can be found on our Horseshoes Page.

The Third and final leg will be "Bocce", played at Bob and Martha's in Consejo Village on March 10th, starting at 8am.