1st Annual Consejo Triple Crown

The third and final leg of the Consejo Triple Crown was Bocce, played at Bob and Martha's in Consejo Village. Bob, with help from Tom and Jeff, had 4 Bocce Courts setup, two on Bob's property and two across the street on Mark's land. The teams were the same as the second round.

Once all the team were assembled, Tom asked Bob to explain the rules of the game. All games were to 11 points with double elimination in effect. Play began about 8:30AM.

Willy and Linda DuPree - Bocce Winners

Below are the Final Brackets and the Official Triple Crown Standings. You will need to click on the images for a readable size copy.

Winners Bracket

Loser's Bracket

Final Standings

The official awards ceremony will be a Pot Luck affair at Jeff and Denise's home on Tuesday March 20th.