1st Annual Consejo Triple Crown
Awards Ceremony

Linda and Willy - Bocce Champs, Karree and Steve - Horseshoes Winners, Tom and Rose - 8 Ball Champs


The winners and non-winners of the First Annual Consejo Area Triple Crown gathered at Jeff and Denise Fillmore's home for fun, relaxation and the presentation of the prestigious awards. Folks began arriving around 2pm. The bar was open so most grabbed a beer or other drink while we waited for the last straggles to arrive.

Awards Presentation

Tom Gardner called the group to order then turned the affair over to Denise for the presentation of the multiple awards. Not just the winners were acknowledged as there were prizes given under many categories.

Robbie and Sue Ellen

Ed and Rita

Tom and Rose


  • Robbie and Sue Ellen were awarded a Champs Trophy for being the only team to go "2 and out" in every event. They are still champs in our book!.
  • Ed and Rita received a little chicken for counting their chickens before they hatched (in Bocce).
  • Rose was given a set of water wings for keeping Tom afloat during the whole affair.
  • Karree received the coveted Rings for being the "Ringer" in every event.

Linda and Willy



  • Willy and Linda were presented with Stuffed Turtle in recognition of their Slow Start.
  • Dwaine was given a Phone Cord so he might get a better connection with his partner (Denise) next year.
  • John was crowned with the Jester's Hat for keeping his sense of humor while striving to play in and document the events.





  • Genny got a can of OFF to keep her partner (Jeff) from Pestering her, or was it to keep her from Pestering him?!
  • Diana was given the extra 'N' that Tom kept adding to her name.
  • She wasn't a player but Sharon attended every event to cheer on Robbie and Sue Ellen (a lot of good that did!). She was presented with the very prestigious "Best Fan" fan.

And the winners were:

The Winners!

The Trophy

Linda and Willy for Bocce

Steve and Karree for Horseshoes

and Tom and Rose for 8 Ball.

Steve and Karree were crowned 2012 Consejo Area Triple Crown Grand Champions!

Pot Luck

The beer, booze and sodas were provided from the funds collected as entry fees. The food was Pot Luck. Consejo Pot Lucks are always great because we are blessed with many great cooks. Thanks to all who provided this feast, it was wonderful!

After Dinner Games

Jeff wanted to have all the Triple Crown games available to play in the evening after eating. Horseshoes and Bocce were easy to set up. Pool was a problem, so Jeff invented "Golf Eight Ball". The rules are a bit complex, they in fact are still a work in progress, but the game was very interesting and fun. Jeff and John were the first to give it a try while most folks were still eating.

Then there was Bocce. Only a few got up and played, but we had a great cheering section. No one seemed interested in Horseshoes, probably because the pitch was on the other side of the house, away for all the rest of the goings on.

Tom Gardner did a great job organizing the Consejo Area Triple Crown. He received much needed assistance from his lovely wife Rose. Thanks for your hard work and adaptability. Additional kudos go out to George at New Millennium and Ray and Rosa of Smuggler's Den for hosting the 8 Ball event, to Bob and Martha for hosting Bocce and especially to Jeff and Denise Fillmore who not only hosted the Horseshoes Event and the Awards Banquet, but were also instrumental in the success of the entire project.

Here are the The Final Official Triple Crown Standings.

Discussions and planning are already under way for next year's Consejo Area Triple Crown.