2012 Consejo Shores Golf Tournament

The Seventh Annual "Just For Fun" Golf Tournament was held March 4, 2012 at the Consejo Shores Golf Course.

The players began arriving at the 1st tee about 12:30. The weather was overcast and cool with rain possible by late afternoon. Players were paired up (or rather tripled up), given a brief explanation of the rules and sent on to there prospective tees for the shotgun start. Due to the threatening weather and the change of date and time, there were several no-shows, which caused some confusion. Everyone got out to the course and were playing by 1:45.

The Rules:

Shotgun Start - At 2:30 PM a horn will sound and play begins from each assigned tee for the Shotgun start.

Best Ball - Each team member drives from the tee. Choose the better ball and pick up the other. Both team mates play from the spot of the better ball. Play from the spot of the better ball on each stroke.

Match Play - Two person teams compete to win each hole. The team with the fewest strokes wins that hole. Winning team receives 2 point for the hole, 1 point is awarded each team in the event of a tie. No point are awarded to a loosing team. The team with the highest point total wins the Match Play.

Stroke Play - Each team records their strokes per hole. The team with the lowest total strokes wins the Stroke Play.

The players:

We were able to get photos of only some of the players. The very heavy afternoon rain stopped most play after 6 or 7 holes, so many players never made it to the 2nd green, where the photos were taken. The camera got wet and refused to work after this rain.

Phill, Eileen, Bob

Girard, Genny, Bill

Roy, Robbie, Girard

Ed, Ken, Alfred, Dave

Tom, Rita, Bob, Sandy

Barbara, Frank, Mark

Steve, Tom and Ken

Tim, Colin, Jason

Ron, Perry, John

Dwaine, Fran, Ray

Among the players not shown above were:

Norm Bourget, Frank Brechin, Michelle Chow, Beth Fellows, Kathy Fogle

Genny Garner, Vladimir Kettnor, Roger Henry, Eileen Kilgallon

Chris Loza, Bob Lundsted, Phil Marlow, John McCarthy

Ed Mclean, Joe Miller, Nick Nickols, Ray Porter

Dave Scott, Ken Schmeltzer, Brian and Lora Walker

Bill, Bently and Naomi Wildman, Steve Worf, John and Jacque Small

There were a few more, but the rain kind of smeared the list.

Most players had completed 6 or 7 holes when the sky opened up. There had been several brief showers earlier, which everyone took pretty much in stride. This, however was a real tropical downpour so all but a hearty few packed it in. For a short time the rain fell at a rate approaching 6 inches per hour. Rainfall total for the day was 1.25 inches, or more than the 1.18 inch average for the entire month of March.

Awards and Refreshments

We gathered at the Consejo Shores Community Center about 4:30 for the after-tournament events. John and Iliana tended the bar for the thirsty crowd while the other volunteers got busy setting up the Community Center to feed the famished troops.

The main course of Chicken Wings, Rice and Potato Salad was provided by Mat and Rocky Mathews. Several participants also brought pot luck type dishes. Once all the food was delivered, dinner was served.

Awards Ceremony

After food and refreshments, Jeff sounded the horn indicating it was time for the awards ceremony to commence, starting with the increasingly popular raffle. Several prizes were donated by local artists and businesses which were raffled off by the evenings MC's, Jeff Fillmore and Ron Fioole. Tickets were BZ$1 with most participants buying several for a better chance at winning one of the fabulous prizes. Proceeds went to help cover the costs of the event.

Raffle Winners

Tournament Winners

Closest To the Pin on #2 - Ladies and Men's

Naomi Wildman and Perry Chow

Longest Drive on #4 - Ladies and Men's

Jacque Small and Willy Dupree

Best Match Play

Ray Morin, Fran McCarthy
and Dwaine Garner

Team Lowest Stroke Score

Colin Stewart, Jason Pearce
and Tim DeGuire

Special thanks goes to Dana Kettnor and Denise Fillmore who stepped in to coordinate the event when Lorenzo was called away due to a family emergency and to the many other volunteers who contributed time and effort to the cause. You know who you are. Thank you!