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Bright colors, delicious flavors and wonderful people! The Community of Corozal extends its appreciation to all the organizers and performers for bringing this event to our community and making it a huge success. The out-pouring of the community was tremendous. We also want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to the Corozal Bay Sailing Club and the young sailors for making the sailing regatta a wonderful experience for all the people of Corozal and especially the young children.

Festival de La Hispanidad y El Mestizaje was organised by the Corozal Organization Leading Culture History and Art (COLCHA). The sailing regatta was organized by the Corozal Bay Sailing Club. Winners and prizes will be announced later by this medium.

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“Arte Local” – Local Art at the Festival

“Comida Deliciosa” – Delicious Food

“Nuestra Cultura” – Our Culture

“Nuestra regatta de navegacíon” – Our Sailing regatta

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CBSC Up-Date For Corozal Bay Regatta

On the weekend of October 14th and 15th, we held our first official Regatta in Corozal on the waterfront at Miami Beech. Some 38 sailors from Placencia, Belize City, San Pedro and our own Corozal Bay Sailing Club participated in some “Learn to Sail” activities on the Saturday, culminating with a parade of sailboats around Corozal Bay. We attracted a lot of attention, as the people of Corozal were thrilled at the site of some 25 boats out on the Bay. They had not seen so many boats on the Corozal Bay in many years.

On Sunday, we raced the official heats that would determine the finalists who will sail for a position on the National Team. This Regatta will be held in San Pedro on November 17th and 18th. I want to thank all the volunteers: Ken and Patty, Dora and Reymundo, Charles and Catherine Thomas, Janette McKean, Ann Morin, and Greg Zane, who helped make the Regatta a huge success. Thank you also to the many friends who made a special effort to come by our Regatta Headquarters on Miami Beach. It was very encouraging to know that you support our Club. The weather gave us a challenge as the wind dropped completely during the final race. This created a serious situation whereby we had to call the race completed after the first marker in order to get the boats and sailors off the water before dark. This delayed our awards ceremony until almost 6:30. I know that many of you came to town to be at the Awards Ceremony that should have been held between 4:15 and 4:45. Sadly the timing was in the hand of Mother Nature.

Our Regatta was held in conjunction with a new cultural organization in Corozal that is trying to revive Corozal to bring a focus on the history, culture and art in our beautiful district. The organization known as Corozal Organization Leading History Culture and Art (COLCHA), invited us to be a part of their Festival. They too believe that sailing is a part of Corozal culture that is almost a lost art. They fully support our Club and so invited us to share in their weekend. They also provided much needed funding and paid for the meals and drinks on Sunday for over 70 people from the various clubs. Next year the Festival will be held over two days and we have been asked to continue to be a part of this event for as long as it exists. Knowing the people who are spearheading this initiative, it’s here to stay and so are we. This invitation from the leaders of the Belizean community is a real coup! They have accepted our club as part of the community and recognize us as being Corozaleneans and not just a group of foreigners who live at the end of Consejo Rd.

In front of hundreds of people on a brilliantly lit stage we held the medal ceremony. Our own Darwin Velasquez was one of the finalists. It was great to be able to call one of our own to the stage in front of his friends and family. Darwin has also placed for the Nationals to be held on November 17th and 18th in San Pedro. We encourage all of you to come and cheer him on. The Club will pay only for Darwin’s travel and food expenses. At the moment, Niurka and Angel did not make the cut. If however, some of the sailors from other clubs do not attend, Niurka and Angel could move up in the rankings and if they do, we will also cover their expenses. We know that at least 6 or 8 other Club members will attend but everyone is doing so at their own expense. We have to fly to San Pedro as it is a 2.5-hour boat ride and we would not arrive on time for the start of the races if we go by boat. As was the case last year, BzSA is asking Maya Air to give us a preferred rate. Let’s hope that they do, so that more of us can attend.

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