2012 4th Of July Celebration

US Flag

Some of our good friends asked if we would host a Fourth of July party at our water front home. They (Jeff and Denise Fillmore, Tom and Rose Gardner and Tom and Terry Fisher) did all the planning, all the setup and all the cleanup. Joyce and I, of course pitched in a little, but basically we were able to enjoy a great festivity at our home without all the effort. It worked out so well, we will probably do it again.

The committee arrived early, about 8AM, to do the set up. It didn't take long with 8 people helping. By 9:30 an extra tent for shade (thanks to Perry Chow) was errected, the balloons were inflated and hung, the tables, chairs, all the cups, dishes and utensils (Borrowed for the Consejo Shores Community Center) were in place. The property was ready for the expected 50+ partiers. The crew went home to clean up and get ready to party!

The event was BYOB and side dish pot luck, with the committee providing hamburgers and hot dogs for a $5 cover charge. Needless to say, there was an abundance of food.

About 12:30 the burgers and dogs were ready, all the side dishes were set out and the feasting began.

Some games of Bocce were played and a few folks tried there hand at Ladder Golf (aka testicle-toss). We were set up for some water sports, but the wind picked up just as the bulk of the revelers arrived, so water volleyball, kayaking, sailing and swimming were out.

Due to the effects of sun, heat and alcohol, I was remiss in getting shots of the games being played. The first guest arrived close the the 11AM start time and the last left about 7:30. It was a long day of eating, drinking, conversation and general fun. Thanks to the Committee for the great idea and the near perfect execution of this wonderful event.