Christmas Eve Gathering

Jeff and Denise

Jeff and Denise Fillmore opened there lovely home on Christmas Eve Day for a very informal gathering of friends and neighbors. Drinks, food, games and conversation were in abundance on this nearly perfect day.

We were all concerned about the weather. Afternoon rains had been the rule of the day for the past few weeks, and it seriously poured Friday afternoon. By party time on Saturday the skies had cleared and a gentle cooling breeze had come up to help keep the bugs at bay. We never expected such agreeable weather.

Our always gracious hosts were up early getting "Casa Sea Breeze" ready, setting up tables and chairs, laying out a couple of non-regulation Bocce courts, 2 semi-regulation Horse Shoe Pits, a Ladder Golf pitch and 2 bars for refreshments.

As the sun went down the bonfire was lit. Unfortunately, the breeze also died off and the mosquitos and no-see-ums one expects after so much rain decided it was time for their feast. Most of the folks headed home and the stragglers moved indoors.

Photos by: Jeff and Denise Fillmore