Thanksgiving 2011
At the McMaster's Seaside Home

Joyce and John McMaster invited about 35 of their friends and neighbors to their beautiful seaside home to celebrate the USA version of Thanksgiving. Joyce cooked a 25lbs turkey with stuffing, the rest was pot luck.

The guests began arriving at 2:00, bringing a variety of horderves and side dishes.

Dinner was planned for around 4pm, so everyone just milled around enjoying the perfect Belize weather, the great company, the delicious horderves and a cold drink or two.

Tom Fisher was recruited to carve the turkey. He said he had never seen a turkey that big, but he did a fantastic carving job. Then it was time to eat. We all grabbed a plate, queued up and filled our plates with a Thanksgiving feast. By the time everyone had finished eating there was no turkey or deserts left and most side dishes were had been devoured.

After dinner a few folks engaged in a game of Bocce while the rest allowed their dinners to settle. Just as the sunset, the mosquitos decided they should share in the feast, so most of the guest decided it was a good time to depart.