2011 Consejo Shores Golf Tournament

The Sixth Annual "Just For Fun" Golf Tournament was held March 6, 2011 at the Consejo Shores Golf Course. Special thanks goes to Denise Fillmore who acted as the Volunteer Coordinator, and all the wonderful volunteers who made this event run so smoothly. This was also the first year that water and beer were available on the course.

The players began arriving at the 1st tee about 2:00. The weather was perfect, at least at the beginning. A record 58 Golfers from Consejo Shores and the surrounding communities came out to play for fun and prizes.

The players:

The record number of players required 3 two person teams per group rather than the normal 2.

? & Michele - Les & Nelson
Troy & Jason

? & Kathy - Ken & Bob

Christine & Colin - Bentley & Ginny
Shawnee & Dave

Jessie & Mark - Dwaine & Dana
Robbie & John

Tom & Tim - Sean & Wayne
? & Ray

Bob & Vladamir - Rita & Ron
Erik & Bud

Ron & Nicholas - Eileen & Barry
Naomi & Trent

Ed & Willy - Audrey & Norm
Beth & Bill

Jeff & Roger - Laura & Perry
Linda & Sandy

Roman & Ed - Lorenzo & Seth
Chris & ?

The Rules:

Shotgun Start - At 2:30 PM a horn will sound and play begins from each assigned tee for the Shotgun start.

Best Ball - Each team member drives from the tee. Choose the better ball and pick up the other. Both team mates play from the spot of the better ball. Play from the spot of the better ball on each stroke.

Match Play - Two person teams compete to win each hole. The team with the fewest strokes wins that hole. Winning team receives 2 point for the hole, 1 point is awarded each team in the event of a tie. No point are awarded to a loosing team. The team with the highest point total wins the Match Play.

Stroke Play - Each team records their strokes per hole. The team with the lowest total strokes wins the Stroke Play.

Play Golf!

The six-somes repaired to their assigned tees for the shotgun start.

About this time the sky began to turn dark. Distant lightning and the accompanying thunder foretold the later arrival of tropical rains. Undaunted, the players continued their quest.

Most players had only a hole or two yet to play when a light rain began to fall. Within minutes it turned into a tropical downpour. When the play was over everyone who could went home to change into dry cloths. About an hour later we gathered at the Consejo Shores Community Center for the after-tournament events.

Awards and Refreshments

The players and volunteers gathered at the Consejo Shores Community Center around 6PM for food and refreshments. The Burritos, chicken wings, fruit plates, rice, beer, rum and soft drinks were quickly attacked by the hunger and thirsty crowd.

Awards Ceremony

After food and refreshments, the raffle was held and the winners were announced, MC'd by Lorraine Williams

The Winners

Closest To the Pin on #2 - Ladies and Men's

Kathy ?

Bob Lundsted

Longest Drive on #4 - Ladies and Men's

Shawnee ? and Willy Dupree

Best Match Play

Ed Mcclean and Willy Dupree

Team Lowest Stroke Score

Nicholas Pearce and Ron Fioole