Christmas Cookie Decoration
at The New Millennium"

On December 19th Denise, Shirley and Sharon baked mass quantities of Sugar Cookies for the 2nd annual Christmas Cookie Decoration class. Almost all the kids and young adults in Consejo Village came to the New Millennium on Tuesday the 20th to try their hands at decorating (and eating) Christmas Cookies.

These young people showed a lot of talent and imagination, creating a large variety of unique designs. All the participants had a wonderful time and since everyone got to take home their share of the more than 500 cookies decorated this year, there were probably a few of tummy aches in the village that evening.

Special thanks goes to Denise Fillmore, who put the event together, and to Shirley and Sharon for helping bake the huge batch of cookies need for everyone to participate.

Photos: Jeff/Denise Fillmore

Commentary: Jeff Fillmore and J. McMaster