Omar Williams Benefit Event
Held At The New Millennium Restauran

New Millennium Lit Up For Benefit Event

Omar Williams

Residents of the Consejo area gathered at The New Millennium on Thursday, December 8th to help raise money for Omar Williams. Omar lost his right leg in an unfortunate accident last spring while clearing a lot in Consejo Shores with his bush-hog.

This benefit was organized by Tom Fisher and Bob Lunsted. Originally, Tom had arranged for a well known US singer/songwriter, Jordie, (daughter of 60's folk legend Melanie) to be the featured performer. One week before the event, Jordie canceled. Tom and Bob immediately arranged for a replacement, well known Belizean musician Chandy. Refunds were offered for anyone who wanted but not a single of the 90+ ticket holders canceled. This was a benefit, the entertainment was secondary. The event netted a total of $1,716 to help defray Omar's medical expenses.

Raffle Prizes

Bob Wright donated his new "biggest bowl ever", and Joyce McMaster donated one of her fabulous oil paintings to be raffled off during the event. Tom Fisher, with help from volunteers Denise Fillmore, Terri Fisher and Rose Gardner kept things moving and amazingly well organized.

A very special thanks to the 'invisible' donor whose generous contribution covered most of the costs associated with this event.

The first group of residents began arriving around 5pm for a pre-show dinner.

By 7pm most of the patrons had arrived.

Bob Lunsted started off the entertainment with a short set of modern folk-type songs, including the perennial favorite "Just an Other Gringo in Belize". Bob is not a professional entertainer, and from experience I can tell you it is tough to perform to a noisy room. Bob is an accomplished guitarist, has a very good voice and he didn't seem at all distracted by the ambient noise. He put on an excellent performance. Well Done!

Between performers, the raffle was held. The lovely landscape oil painting by Joyce McMaster was won by ??, son-in-law of Kyler and Gerhard Cordts of Ten Grand Lane.

Bob Wright turns bowls. Recently, he took a 250lb block of Mango and turned the largest bowl of his career. This fantastic bowl, which he calls a "Tortilla Bowl" was donated to the Benefit and was won by Laura of Mayan Seaside.

The raffle generated $550, or about 1/3rd of the total receipts for the event.

Belizean entertainer Chandy started off with some Bob Marley, to the great pleasure of the crowd. It didn't take long for some of the more energetic to get off their butts and do a little dancing.

Jeff and Denise were the first to get up and dance. The fun continued until around 9:30, by which time the majority of the folks had left. Dead batteries prevented any additional photos.

Robert Mueller provided these photos: