The Amazon Chicks
2nd Place at the 2011 Festival

Consejo's own young women's dance group The Amazon Chicks received the 2nd place prize at this years Corozal Independence Day Festival. To celebrate, The Chicks paraded through Consejo Shores and Village, arriving at the new Consejo Beach Park to give a command performance.

Many of the residents of Consejo Shore and Mayan Seaside contributed funds to help defray the expenses the group incurred in pursuit of the crown.

The event started with a noisy parade to the park.

The park was set up and ready to rock, with this years 2nd Place and last years 1st Place awards prominently displayed, long before the performers and audience arrived.

And then it was time to dance. Everyone was seated, ready for the show, but the generator that was need to power the sound equipment wouldn't start! Connie Baily offered to run a cord from her house, about 200 yards away. So after power arrive, the show began. After a little of a rough start, they regrouped and put on a great show.