Consejo Belize Community Events
2011 Index

1st Annual Corozal Water Festival and Expo

People from all over Belize came to Corozal Town on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011 for the first annual Corozal Water Festival and Expo. This event was organized by local business people as a fund raiser for the newly established "Sled Foundation", which purpose is to provide funds for Belizean children requiring medical care outside Belize.

The annual Consejo Shores Just For Fun Golf Tournament

was held on March 6th at the Consejo Shores Golf Course.

September Birthday Bash and Bonfire

With so many of our fiends having birthdays in August and September, A single event, on the Full Moon of September seemed in order. A few folks showed up in the costume of their youth.

The Amazon Chicks 2011

Consejo's own Amazon Chicks put on a parade and show for their contributor to celebrate their 2nd place finish at the Corozal Independence Day Festival.

Consejo Yacht Club Sailing Day

On November 19th the CYCL had their first "Sailing for Members Day". They had about 40 people turn out.

Thanksgiving 2011

Joyce and John McMaster invited about 35 of their friends and neighbors to their beautiful seaside home to celibate the USA version of Thanksgiving.

Omar Williams Benefit

On December 8th the New Millennium Restaurant in Consejo Village hosted a benefit event to raise money to assist Omar Williams in paying his medical expenses.

Christmas Cookies

Almost all the kids and young adults in Consejo Village came to the New Millennium on Tuesday the 20th to try their hands at decorating (and eating) Christmas Cookies.

Christmas Eve Gathering

Jeff and Denise

Jeff and Denise Fillmore opened there lovely home on Christmas Eve Day for a very informal gathering of friends and neighbors. Drinks, food, games and conversation were in abundance on this nearly perfect day.