Jack - Sept 6, 2009

Jack and Marlene Kolberg came to Belize in 2007 and settled in Consejo Shores. Along with Marlene's mother Eloise, they moved into the former McMaster house on Pelican Pathway. Jack suffered from the aggressive form of Parkinson's Disease. Even though his condition was steadily deteriorating, he always maintained an incredibly positive attitude. Jack died suddenly of a massive heart attack on January 22, 2010.

Jack & Marlene 12/31/08

On Thursday February 18, 2010, friends and neighbors gathered at the New Millennium Restaurant to celebrate Jack's life. One of Jack's favorite activities was fishing. Jack just loved to fish. So in honor of that passion, we held a farewell fish fry. The consensus among the residents was that this was the highest turnout of any gathering in Consejo history. Jack wasn't with us long, but he was liked and respected by everyone and loved by many of us.

So long Jack, you will be missed.

When someone dies suddenly, we tend to remember all the good things about the person and forget the rest. I can honestly say I have never heard a negative word about Jack Kolberg. He was indeed a special person. I only knew Jack for a couple of years, but he was my friend and my life is better for it.

John McMaster - Consejo.bz