Consejo Belize Community Events
2010 Events

House Party at the Vdovenko's Home

Valentina and Vasili Vdovenko purchased a new waterfront home in Consejo Shores last year. They spent last season moving in, decorating and landscaping the place. Now that the moving in process is over, they decided to invite all their neighbors to an afternoon of food and drinks.

Farewell to Jack

Jack and Marlene Kolberg came to Belize in 2007 and settled in Consejo Shores. Along with Marlene's mother Eloise, they moved into the former McMaster house on Pelican Pathway. Jack suffered from the aggressive form of Parkinson's Disease. Even though his condition was steadily deteriorating, he always maintained an incredibly positive attitude. Jack died suddenly of a massive heart attack on January 22, 2010.

Golf Tournament


The Fifth Annual "Just For Fun" Golf Tournament was held March 7, 2010 at the Consejo Shores Golf Course. A record 52 Golfers from Consejo Shores and the surrounding communities came out to play for fun and prizes.

Art In The Park

For the past few months, the artist of Northern Belize have gathered at the Town Square in Corozal Town on the Third Saturday of the Month for "Art In The Park". Held from 5pm to 9PM, "Art In The Park" has become an anticipated ritual in Corozal. Not only is this a venue for artist to display their work, there is also food, non-alcohol drinks and live music to add to the already festive atmosphere.

Amazon Chicks

September 21st is Belize Independence Day. This year there will be parades and festivities in Corozal Town, as well as many other towns and villages throughout Belize. Consejo Village will be represented in the Corozal District activities by a group of young ladies known as The Amazon Chicks. Many of the residents of Consejo Shores, Mayan Seaside and the surrounding communities contributed to the group to help defray some the the expenses encountered in participating in the national celebrations.

Halloween 2010

A few of the folks at Mayan Seaside, spurred into action by Mr. Ed Weeks, spent considerable time, effort and money setting up an incredible Haunted House scenario on Halloween Night for the Consejo kids.

Fund Raiser, Auction

The new Village Council wants to improve a piece of waterfront land, owned by the village, into a waterfront beach park. To that end, a hugely successful fund raiser was held on November 27th.

Holiday Bazaar

The plan was for artisans and craftsmen with new or unique items to sell, particularly those that may make good Christmas gifts to come to Consejo Shores Community Center to display and sell their wears, and to donate 10% of their day's proceeds to the Rotary Club of Corozal. Unfortunately, the sponsors forgot to ask people wishing to purchase these items to come out and buy.

Christmas Cookie Decoration

About 9am on Tuesday December 21st several of the local children, a couple bigger kids and a few moms arrived at the New Millennium Restaurant to learn the fine art of Christmas Cookie Decoration. Denise Fillmore was the instructor and she also provided most of the cookies and other sugary stuff.