Consejo Halloween 2010

For reasons completely not understood, the Consejo Kids did their Trick-or-Treating in two separate groups on two different nights. One group came around on Friday night and the other on Sunday evening.

This was a bit of an imposition, but we were forewarned and the kids, as always, were well behaved and creatively costumed. Due to always at the worst time equipment failures, we were only able to obtain one picture of each group.

Special Event At Mayan Seaside

A few of the folks at Mayan Seaside, spurred into action by Mr. Ed Weeks, spent considerable time, effort and money setting up an incredible Haunted House scenario on Halloween Night for the Consejo kids.

Ghosts and Goblins, Vampires and Werewolves, Witches and Warlock inhabited the dark and eerie forest.

Candy and other goodies awaited the survivors.

We're not sure if the adults or the kids had the most fun.

All and all this was an unexpected pleasure for all who attended. Will it become another Consejo Tradition?

The residents of Mayan Seaside who participated in this production did a marvelous.

Photos by: Alan Colton,J. McMaster, Wayne Williams and others