2010 Consejo Shores
Golf Tournament

The Fifth Annual "Just For Fun" Golf Tournament was held March 7, 2010 at the Consejo Shores Golf Course. A record 52 Golfers from Consejo Shores and the surrounding communities came out to play for fun and prizes.

The players began arriving at the 1st tee about 2:30. The weather, as usual this time of year, was perfect for Golf.

Teams were assigned and foursomes dispatched to the various tees for the shotgun start. There were 26 teams, requiring two foursomes to start from the same tee on 4 holes.

Sandy, Bently, Dave, Eileen

Ron, Ed, Jason, Bev

Mike, Yanni, Vladamer, Tom

Colin, Tony, Barbara, ?

Kayo, Ella, Frank, Norm

Lorenzo, Rita,?, ?

Ray, Barend , Chris, Rick

Roger, Dana, Marco, Roman

Bob, Ken, Naomi, Dwayne

Bill, ?, Willy, Dalsin

Jeff, Bob, Linda, ?

Ed, Scott, Ed, Tanner

Dave, Ginny, Jeff, Tony

The Rules:

Shotgun Start - At 3:00 PM a horn will sound and play begins from each assigned tee for the Shotgun start.

Best Ball - Each team member drives from the tee. Choose the better ball and pick up the other. Both team mates play from the spot of the better ball. Play from the spot of the better ball on each stroke.

Match Play - Two person teams compete to win each hole. The team with the fewest strokes wins that hole. Winning team receives 2 point for the hole, 1 point is awarded each team in the event of a tie. No point are awarded to a loosing team. The team with the highest point total wins the Match Play.

Stroke Play - Each team records their strokes per hole. The team with the lowest total strokes wins the Stroke Play.

Awards and Refreshments

The players and officials gathered at the Consejo Shores Community Center after play for food and refreshments. The chicken wings, fruit plates, pizza, beer, rum and soft drinks were quickly attacked by the hunger and thirsty crowd.

Awards Ceremony -  After food and refreshments, the winners were announced. First a raffle was held to raise money for improvements to the golf course. Barend Fioole's name was drawn and he was awarded a lovely Golf Rack, donated bythe Dupuis'. Next a special drawing was held to reward the volunteers, with Sandra Fioole and Victoria Lundsted taking the prizes.

Then the winners of the 2010 Just For Fun Consejo Shores Golf Tournament were announced.

The Winners

Closest To the Pin on #2 - Ladies and Men's

Ginny Garner

Mike Morot

Longest Drive on #4 - Ladies and Men's

Ginny Garner

Tanner Krug

Team Lowest Stroke Score and Best Match Play

Both these tournament categories were won by the twosome of Ken Flinn and Bob Morot

Ken Flinn and Bob Morot