Fund Raiser, Auction
In Support of the New Consejo Village Beach Project

The new Village Council wants to improve a piece of waterfront land, owned by the village, into a waterfront beach park. To that end, a hugely successful fund raiser was held on November 27th.

The parcel is located just north of Consejo Shores. It is accessed by a small road about 20 feet north of the Tamay Trail interdiv with Corozal-Consejo Road. The access road looks like someone's driveway, and in fact needs to be moved a little closer to Tamay Trail to be all on public land.

It is an excellent location for a public park/beach.

By the 2PM starting time, the bbq's were lit, the tortillas were warm, the beer and sodas were cold, the rum was ready and the music was loud. It didn't take long for the partiers to arrive.

The first couple of hours were dedicated to eating, drinking and visiting. Most of the folks wandered over to the auction tent to see what was available. More and more people arrived as time went on and the organizers were ecstatic with the turnout.

Many thanks to the women and men whose hard work and longs hours resulted in some very tasty eating options. As a result of such delicious food, sales were brisk.

Once most of the revelers had arrived, Denise Fillmore assumed the position of Games Director. The weather held out and we had a great group of people participate in the games, both adults and children. Even the adults who are still children at heart enjoyed themselves. We learned a new game, where you place a schilling (quarter) between your knees, walk several yards to a where you attempt to drop the coin into a cup of beer. If you drop it along the way or miss the cup at the end, you had to drink a shot of tequila. . . needless to say there was a lot of tequila consumed.

Another gamed that was a hit was Pop the Balloons. Adults paired off and tried to be the first to pop balloons in several different positions. This is a lot more difficult and even more fun than it looks. The expressions were priceless. The winners were Ginny and Dwayne. For their efforts they each got. . . a shot of tequila.

Several games were played just for the kids. We are hoping for some more pictures of these games.

No public gathering in Belize would be complete without some speechifying by the local politicos. A few of the council members, the local Parliamentarian and some other dignitaries were happy to have an opportunity to let us all know what a great job they've been doing.

When the politicians were finished, it was time for the main event, The Auction. The proceedings were MC'd by Councilor Bob Wright, with assistance from Jeff Fillmore, Joyce McMaster and Martha Nephew. While there were several unexpectedly nice items offered, most of the stuff, let's face it, was junk. One man's junk is an other man's treasure and the Auction collected over $1200 for the Consejo Village Beach Project.

The auction ended when it got too dark to see what was being offered. At that point, the music was turned back up and the dancing commenced.

Overall, this was an outstanding event and one of the most fun filled afternoons in recent memory. No time was wasted putting the money to work. Preparing the ground for the first of the new sea walls began on the following Monday and by Wednesday laying stone for the wall had begun.

After only one month, the progress is impressive. It is nice to see the funds raised being put to work on the project they were collected for.

Photos: J. McMaster and Jeff/Denise Fillmore, Bob Wright and Patrick Ehnes

Commentary: Denise Fillmore and J. McMaster