Consejo Village Council Elections
May 23, 2010

Results Recap:

UDP Wins Chairman and 5 Seats

Independents won 1 Seat

The PUP did not put up a slate.

New Voters

For the first time, Permanent Residents and QRPs living in Consejo Shores and Mayan Seaside were eligible and encouraged to vote in the Consejo Village Council election.

Official Results

Here are the results as published by the Elections and Boundaries Department:

MAY 23, 2010


FOR Elections Held in the Village of Consejo, Corozal District, Belize

No. Candidate Name # Votes Slate Elected
1 Carlos Arana 41 UDP
8 Gabriela Rivero 37 IND  
2 Edilberto Escalante 45 UDP
3 Maria Torres 43 UDP
4 Miriam Rivero 41 UDP
5 Alicia Torres 39 UDP
6 Jorge Que 39 UDP
7 Robert Wright * 39 IND
9 Karina Torres 38 UDP  
10 Reymundo Rivero 36 IND  
11 Ricardo Rivero 32 IND  
12 Rodulfo Rivero 32 IND  
13 Joise Wiltshire 30 IND  
14 Jose Garrido 29 IND  

* Gringo Elected

In an other first, a non-Belizean, Robert Wright, was elected to the council. He was the only victor among those running on the Independent slate.

Voter Turnout

A Total of 79 Voters cast ballots in this local election.