Art In The Park
The Town Square, Corozal Town

For the past few months, the artist of Northern Belize have gathered at the Town Square in Corozal Town on the Third Saturday of the Month for "Art In The Park". Held from 5pm to 9PM, "Art In The Park" has become an anticipated ritual in Corozal. Not only is this a venue for artist to display their work, there is also food, non-alcohol drinks and live music to add to the already festive atmosphere.

These photos were taken at the May 15, 2010 gathering. Most of the Snowbirds have flown north so the turnout was disappointing. We will redo this webpage in October with photos of the larger crowds and additional artist.

September Update: One Year Anniversary

Art In The Park has be held every month now for 1 year. The anniversary edition attracted many more people then usual, unfortunatly, the crowd that showed up weren't buying art. Most came for the Music, which was very nice jazz, if a little loud.