Amazon Chicks
Consejo Shores Community Center

September 21st is Belize Independence Day. This year there will be parades and festivities in Corozal Town, as well as many other towns and villages throughout Belize. Consejo Village will be represented in the Corozal District activities by a group of young ladies known as The Amazon Chicks. Many of the residents of Consejo Shores, Mayan Seaside and the surrounding communities contributed to the group to help defray some the the expenses encountered in participating in the national celebrations.

The group invited everyone to a preview of their act at the Consejo Shores Community Center on Saturday, September 18th, at 2PM. It was nearly 3 by the time the show got started, but it was worth the wait.

We are happy to announce that The Amazon Chicks won 1st Place at the Corozal Independence Day Competition.