Christmas Eve Dinner at the Fillmore's

Denise and Jeff Fillmore invited about 12 couples over for a Christmas Eve Drinks, Dinner and Fun. They had their home decked out with a variety of Christmas Decorations. Denise did a great job of setting up the place settings with a holiday flair. No plastic plates, no plastic flat ware, no plastic cups. Very classy.

The guests began arriving around 4:00, most heading straight to the bar. The main courses were Ham, cooked by Denise and Turkey provided by Ginny Garner. Everyone else brought side dishes or deserts. With the food arranged, and glasses filled, we engaged in festive conversation until the dinner bell rang.

The kids decided to go sailing

Once the meal was ready, most of the conversation stopped. After everyone was stuffed, some of the men gathered and washed the dishes. Kudos to Bob Wright and Gordon Stout,  who did most of the washing.

With dinner consumed and most of the cleanup done, it was time to dance! Now when most of us dance, we jump around to the music, having a great time and looking like a bunch of fools. Then there are those lucky few that can really dance. Iliana dancing is truly 'poetry in motion'.

Our heartfelt thanks to Denise and Jeff for another fun filled night and a special thanks to Bianca for providing most of the photos.

There were a few other Pre-Christmas and Post-Christmas parties in Consejo Shores this year. Audrey & Laith Shabbas hosted a Pre-Christmas gathering at their beautiful sea side home on the 19th. Vance and Karen Titus threw a Boxing Day bash at their Pelican Pathway home on the 26th. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it to either of these parties. We are hoping some one who did attended will provide some photos and comments from these events.

Photos by: Jeff & Denise Fillmore and Bianca Pengelly